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Katyuhina, T.V. The word and the Silence: on which does the language keep the Silent?//Polygnozis, 3(36), 2009, P.127-136
The article attempts to conduct a philosophical-anthropological analysis of the phenomenon of the Silence in stand of linguistic, psychological, historical-religious studies witch traditionally made the Silence the mean object of the research. But precisely in philosophical anthropology the Silence becomes the fact that human makes his/her self, that not in the authority of the language, because the language cannot transmit the entire depth of a human nature; therefore the language only keeps the Silent. A good example of the weakness of the language before the Silence is Art
Key words: silence, philosophical anthropology, language, human nature, word

Kiyashenko N.I. On the Necessity of Forming the System of Education and Upbringing in the Era of Change of Civilizations//Polygnozis, 1-2(38), 2010, P.
With the start of humanity's movement towards informational civilizations we can see the growth of the demands to finding out natural inclinations of every human being in the process of education and upbringing. On the basis of these inclinations there begins formation of unique and necessarily individual creative capacities as the most essential wealth of every personality in the process of formation. What is meant is the formation of the subject of culture capable of creating his own culture which is naturally included in the system of common achievements of mankind.
Key words: informational civilization, education, personality, creative capacities, culture

Kolesnikov, A.V. On prospects of survival of mankind and resettlement on other planets//Polygnozis, 1-2(38), 2010, P.
the time went by a question on prospects of the further development and survival of mankind on a planet the Earth rises more sharply. Once Tsiolkovsky had been stated an extremely courageous and fantastic idea for those times it is a placing of mankind on other planets. The search of the suitable worlds for a life should be carried out, obviously, outside of Solar system at other stars. Interstellar piloted flights are colossal, almost unsolvable technical problem. But it is possible not to drag live people through a space chasm. It is possible to deliver immigrants in other worlds in not born condition (in the form of the frozen embryos which have been not impregnated ovicells and spermatozoids, DNA etc.). That is necessary to digitize some people and to transport them through an interstellar space, and then unpack it on a new place.
Key words: mankind, survival, development

Krotkov, V.O. Methodological approaches to identification and classification of a political regime.//Polygnozis, 1-2(38), 2010, P.
The article looks at different methodological approaches to identification and classification of a political regime as an important category of political science. In the definition of a political regime there is a scope of opinions and viewpoints of different researchers, which the author uses trying to define a political regime as a multifaceted category revealing actual sociopolitical interaction. Besides, particular stress is put on classification of a political regime in the framework of methodology commonly acknowledged in political science. The author looks at three types (with corresponding subtypes) of political regime totalitarian, authoritarian and democratic. The heuristic element of the scientific analysis is deducing two forms of a political regime monocratic and polycratic, which reveal mechanisms of competition of influential political actors for political supremacy.
Key words: political regime, identification, category of political science, sociopolitical interaction, methodology, monocratic, polycratic.

Kukartseva, M.A. Analytical Philosophy of History: Yesterday and Now//Polygnozis, 3(36), 2009, P.62-71
The article elaborates the basic stages of evolution of the analytical philosophy of history, its essence and the ways of argumentation of the main ideas. It is showed that the analytical philosophy of history is the specific version of the philosophy of science, which treats the problems of historical knowledge as first of all the questions of epistemology. It is proved also, that the chief trouble and simultaneously the main task of the analytical philosophy of history is to figure out the balance between the approximate nature of historical categories and the exactness of entitie
Key words: analytical philosophy of history, epistemology, historical categories

Kuznetsova, T.V. Beauty and fashion: from a teeth of a leopard to a glamour//Polygnozis, 1-2(38), 2010, P.
The article deals with socio-cultural nature of the phenomenon of fashion. Looking for reatative of fashion to different estetic categories, firstly to category of perfection. Aspecially highlights trenols of the past decacle, replacing the so-collect glamour.
Key words: beauty, estetic category, fashion, glamour, style of life.

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